Most of my creative output centres around our symbiotic relationship with technology, particularly communications and information technology, and how in the words of Father John Culkin “we shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”.

My YouTube series Deify Error uses the 1980s Satanic Panic as both a humorous and terrifying lens through which to view the post-war cultural and technological changes wrought by the communications satellite, the television and the atom bomb.

My mixed media series Into the Maelstrom dives deep into both the psychological, cultural and spiritual impact of the internet and social media, and poses questions about the nature of mind and sentience in regards the growth of networked computational systems. This has an accompanying article, published here in Aero magazine, as well as a small book of essays that can also be found on my blog.

Taking place against the backdrop of the massive technological and cultural changes of the late 20th century, and show through the eyes of evangelical Christians, Deify Error is about collective myth making as we struggle to comprehend a world beyond our individual understanding. Tying together themes from mass psychology, the global mass media, new religious movements, psychic contagion and the psychiatric industrial complex, it is about the stories we tell ourselves, the illusions we conjure, and the industries that emerge to perpetuate them. It is about how ancient human behaviours are magnified by new technology at the same time as they are transformed by them. It is about the end of the world and the birth of a new one.

This series explores the relationship between myth, technology, memory and the self and our need to seek pattern and impose order on the restless flux and chaos of world. It is about the convolution of information technologies and human consciousness, and the unfolding of extropic structure against the winds of entropy. 

I am a core member of The Tunnel are a diverse collective of artists, musicians, filmmakers, thinkers and chancers based in London. Every few months, we host themed events in and around the city to explore the role of the artist in this increasingly demented world. Our last show, The Zone, focuses on the philosophical, intellectual and spiritual reaction to late capitalism's impact on the environment. The title is taken from Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker (1979).

Our latest print Anthology: Hunger: Dispatches from the Edge of the Anthropocene, is now available on Blurb.