Unexpected Twist


It is the finale of the new season of Game of Thrones and Cerci is attempting black magic to spawn a new child. To do so, she merges with a pulsating Cronenberg-esque mass of flesh, and as she does so, a baby's face begins to appear from her shoulder. The Queen is pleased.  

Then, something goes horribly wrong. Unable to control herself, she grabs a dagger and begins repeatedly stabbing the child in the face. As she does so her face turns white and ridges begin to appear on her forehead. The sorcery has unknowingly unleashed the eldritch forces of evil!

She tears herself from the fleshy mass, transformed; resembling something between an albino version of Terrahawks monster "Sram", and a lame neon mid-90s GI Joe. The dramatic reveal was meant to be a series cliffhanger; the arrival of another new menacing army! But all I could think was "Hmm, this isn't really working, is it."