In darkness something scuttles in the screams


My friend Jessica Ballantyne is hard on cash and decides to sign up for a program to have genetic tests conducted on her, by a company called Cybius Technology. As the weeks go on she becomes distant and withdrawn, and so do the others in her group that submitted to the genetic editing. Later, Cybius hires a gym hall to set up challenges between a purely human group with their own group with enhancements. Unexpectedly, Jessica and the Enchanced lie face down on the floor and begin to move across the hall by wriggling like snakes. In unison, they bounce back and forth between the walls like lightwaves, and move through and around the humans as if water. The behaviour surprised even those at Cybius who set up the experiment. Later, Jessica tells me that they experienced a form of hive-mind unity during the episode, which she described as a form of divine transcendence. 

But there is a sense of foreboding in the unfolding of events. While we contemplate whether we have witnessed some new form of step in human evolution, I look back to some of Cybius' other scandals. Like when they sold lifelike, humanoid robotic servants that were found to be using actual human brains. As it was illegal to fix them yourself, when they "broke" (lost their minds) and were sent in for repair, the brains were destroyed and swapped for new ones harvested by some illegal means, such as by from prisons, or kidnap victims.

Somewhere in Cybius basement, in darkness something scuttles in the screams. 

Later, in a medieval street, a giant lobster speedily climbs up the bricks with the speed of a ferret, and weaves through the streets to escape capture. When this becomes inevitable, it launched itself at someone, plunging its neon yellow claws deep into his heart.