This series of illustrations was developed for an imaginary RTS Game set of the Dalek home-world Skaro during the thousand year war. As the campaign unfolds, the player would begin with an army of humanoid Kaleds but would soon build a tech tree that drives the evolution of the Dalek species. Over the course of the game, the player would explore many variations of the classic Dalek model, and reinvent a number of classic designs from the 60s comics and feature films, until the have forged a fully fledged Dalek Empire. At the end of the single player mode, the player unlocks a unique multiplayer mode in which one’s “custom” Dalek army would make war with Daleks from alternate universes.


I've been creeped out by the Dalek Robo-Men ever since seeing the Doctor Who movies of the 1960s, and thought it only right to reinvent them in the context of this imaginary game, perhaps experiments carried out on Thal prisoners of war. The brain cavity has been largely hollowed out and replaced with an interface orb suitable for a Dalek plunger. Of course, the Robo-Man has to kneel in order for the ergonomics of this interface to work, but that's very much the Dalek way. 

Saucer Carrier

Studying the early maps of Dalek home-world Skaro in Dr Who comics and magazines, you see a lot of colourfully named bodies of water, such as the "Sea of Acid" or the "Sea of Rust". In the course of a thousand year war, some serious naval units must have been developed and deployed in these environments. This enormous Kaled carrier allowed their adorable flying saucers to be shipped across the globe as well as hosting powerful projectile weapons and arrays of sensor equipment. 



Another reinvention of elements of the old Dalek comics, this pre-hover unit is capable of swift navigating the wastelands of the devastated Skaro, and is an early experiment by Davros in Brain integration. 


This land based titan was another Davros experiment to try and network different Kaled minds to work in unison in a vast super-Dalek that could easily traverse mountains.