Far far away, deep inside the rainbow nebula, in the the constellation of marshmallows, lies the peaceful realm of Joyland.  Here the Flubkins live a snoozy existence, in friendship with an assortment of talking animals, enchanted trees and wisecracking objects. That was until the fateful day of the arrival of cosmic psychopath Cyclotron, who came on a singular mission to annihilate the Flubkins, and wage a war that would drive them into the black and abysmal pits of sorrow. Through the accelerating horrors of war, Flubkin society would be turned inside out as they discover what they are really capable of if they were to avoid complete extinction. 

Cyclotron in Joyland is a side-scrolling Metroidvania style shooter which sees the player take on the role of the eponymous villian as he lays waste to this peaceful land of friendship. Although a walkover at first, as Cyclotron progresses towards the Flubkin's Bouncy Capital, they begin to mount an increasingly desperate resistance, tearing down the enchanted forests to build weapons of increasing power, and drafting an assortment of bewildering creatures to wage their own terrible war.

As is traditional in Metroidvania style games, new weapons (in the form of various arm attachments) open up new areas and gameplay elements. For instance, on unlocking the Nightmare Dimension arm attachment, Cyclotron can choose to abduct Flubkins and their allies and enslave them to toil in factories to develop new items and power-ups.


Flubkin Units 

Bumble BVomber.jpg


Build from the the enslaved Bees of from the Hive of Happiness and the felled trees of the enchanted forest, these units can offer powerful and extremely destructive damage on Cyclotron's shield systems. 



After discovering that rainbows had a corrosive effect on cosmic bounty hunter Cyclotron, the Grand Friendship council take the decision to mine and weaponise the resource with great haste. Some Flubkins volunteered for pioneering experimentation to become arial attack units for greatest effectiveness.

Early sketch 

Early sketch 

Cyclotron Power-Ups

Gun 3.jpg

Guillotine Gun

Immediate decapitation of creatures with heads. 


Gun 2.jpg


Projects corrosive ink that quickly disintegrates flesh, leaving naught but bone.

Gun 4.jpg

Nightmare dimension portal

Its rancid tongue collects Flubkins and their friends to toil in the nightmare dimension making new power-ups.

Designed to somewhat resemble Spectrum box-art